Facility Services 


Our client-first philosophy means we are committed to your satisfaction, we customize our services to fit your needs, and you will enjoy clean, healthy, and welcoming work and leisure environments every day.

  • One provider and one solution for all of your facility services
  • Decades of unrivalled experience that can be used to your benefit
  • Thousands of dedicated team members across North America
  • Transparent reporting for accountability and quality assurance
  • Diversified customer base with long-standing relationships
  • Ability to service national and multi-regional property portfolios


  • Our innovative team invests in the market’s best technology to create transparent, convenient reporting and quality assurance for our clients.
  • Our proprietary GBC software calculates the time needed to complete any cleaning task in a specific space, ensuring that we perform our work as efficiently as possible.
  • Based on APPA and LEED standards, our proprietary GBC Inspect quality inspection and reporting software evaluates the cleanliness of buildings and facilities, then sends electronic reports directly to end users.
  • We are ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certified.

Safety First

  • We can only achieve success if the work is performed without causing injury.
  • Our commitment to an injury-free workplace starts with our project orientation package and is engrained through on-the-job safety training.
  • Our corporate philosophy defines health and safety as a core requirement within all of our standards, procedures, and policies.
  • We apply a mandated national health and safety audit tool that sets performance standards by encompassing legal, corporate, and other standards as a benchmark for compliance.